Rwanda Dental Trip

Friends!  I invite you to join us in our upcoming trip.  I am heading to Rwanda with a couple other doctors, assistants, and other team members to help bring healthier smiles to a people group who desperately need assistance.  We are leaving for Rwanda on February 15 and will be gone for a few weeks.

We will be partnering with Hope Haven as our local connection in Rwanda.  Hope Haven is actually a Colorado-based nonprofit that serves Rwandans with love, hope, education, and practical life skills.

Whether you are physically traveling with us, or are watching from afar, I encourage you to follow the journey and consider how you might be able to help out.  If you feel called to do so, our office can always collect a donation to support the organizations we travel with.  Or, when I’m back, feel free to ask about other specific ways to help out.  Thanks for being part of this journey!


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