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Parker, Colorado Dentists Making Our Communities Better One Smile At A Time. So often we talk about how important it is to get your child in for their regular cleanings, yet sometimes we ourselves forget to get our own cleanings. And believe it or not, that is something dangerous to […]

The Importance of Getting Your Regular Cleanings:  Parker Dentists Serving ...

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Breathe in… Breathe Out The Best Breathing Exercises to Manage Stress Look up. There’s a giant pile of paperwork stacked up on your desk. Look Down. Look up. There’s brake lights piled up a mile in front of you and your kids are screaming in the back seat. Look Down. […]

Breathing Exercises to Manage Stress

New Years Resolutions – Your Friendly Reminder We’re all guilty of creating resolutions and forgetting about them, or even just neglecting them. For some, it takes 3 months to stop pursuing your resolution, for others it’s three weeks, and for some the end of the pursuit happens the day after […]

How Are You Doing On Your New Years Resolutions?