Smile Design

Beautiful, healthy smiles are our expertise! A white, straight smile is one of the first things people will notice about you. We specialize in cosmetic dentistry, providing patients with the most cutting edge technology to make you love your smile.


If it is a straighter smile you are looking for, we provide the latest alternative to braces, called Invisalign. Unlike silver brackets, Invisalign uses clear, invisible trays to straighten teeth over time.

If it is a whiter smile you are looking for, we provide the latest in-office whitening available. Come in for an hour and leave with a whiter, happier smile! We also have other take-home whitening alternatives, such as whitening trays or the Tres White bleaching kits.

If it is the latest in cosmetic dentistry you are looking for, our office can give you the best in direct freehand bonding techniques. Our office features dental aesthetics without invasiveness at an affordable cost to give you the smile you deserve.

We believe it is important to remove broken, silver fillings and replace them with white composite fillings. This is for cosmetic and health reasons. Silver amalgam fillings contain mercury and other metal materials that can adversely affect the overall health of your body over time. Your health is important to us! You want white healthy fillings – that is all we do!