The Health Benefits of Yoga & Not Just An Improved Smile The list of the benefits that yoga gives are extensive and it’s no wonder why yogis are so passionate about their hobby. If you were to ask a yogi what yoga can do for you, here’s a condensed list […]

Why We Love Yoga – And We Mean LOVE Yoga

Parker Dentist, Cosmetic Dentist
The Effects of Sugar on the Body & Dental Health Of course, sugar is bad for your oral health, but we know you’ve been hearing that fact for years.  The truth is, sugar has detrimental effects on the entire body.  A common misunderstanding is that only diabetics have to worry […]

Sugar Ain’t So Sweet

The Art Of Time Management In Today’s World How often do you find yourself thinking there’s not enough time in the day? You get out of bed and before you know it, it’s ten o’clock and your head is hitting the pillow again. If you go to bed thinking about […]

Time Management Tips to Help Avoid and Manage Stress