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The Connection Between Oral Health and Heart Health – Who Knew? A recent topic that has come up, and been debated, in the world off all things health is if gum disease and heart disease are related and possibly even linked to each other. Though studies have been done, all […]

Improving Your Heart Health By Improving Your Oral Health

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Easy and Healthy Snacks For People On The Go I like to keep up a healthy lifestyle, which heavily relies on healthy eating, but with how busy I am, it’s hard to take the time to prepare healthy snacks and sit down and eat them, and not to mention, I’m […]

Healthy Snacking On The Go

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Breathe in… Breathe Out The Best Breathing Exercises to Manage Stress Look up. There’s a giant pile of paperwork stacked up on your desk. Look Down. Look up. There’s brake lights piled up a mile in front of you and your kids are screaming in the back seat. Look Down. […]

Breathing Exercises to Manage Stress