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Parker, Colorado DentistsSo often we talk about how important it is to get your child in for their regular cleanings, yet sometimes we ourselves forget to get our own cleanings. And believe it or not, that is something dangerous to forget, because the purpose of a cleaning is not just to clean your teeth that day, it’s also a check-up (and free floss, toothpaste and toothbrushes, am I right?).

Here is the importance of each part of regular dental visits.

The Check-Up The first few minutes of your visit (the poking and prodding) are spent by your hygienist checking for cavities and areas with plaque and tartar build-ups. Next, the gums will thoroughly be checked for signs of disease. X-rays might be done to see how your jaw and the hidden parts of your teeth are doing. And through all of this your hygienist is checking out your tongue and throat to make sure they are clear of any signs of cancer. Taking all of these things into account, it would be very unfortunate to skip out on dental visits for the thought of them being just cleanings. Oral diseases, including cancer, can not only be prevented by good oral hygiene but also by early detection, and these check-ups make sure that early detection is possible.

The Cleaning Daily flossing and brushing are very important, and floss helps to get those hard-to-reach areas, but there are still places in your mouth where plaque can hide and eventually harden and turn into tartar, which is something flossing and brushing alone can not remove. Mass amounts of tartar can lead to gum disease. Removing tartar is done by dentists with their special tools that scrape off plaque, but do not damage enamel. So the dreaded scraping part of the cleaning is actually the most productive and vital part of the cleaning. 5 minutes of bearing the horrible scraping noise is worth saving yourself from the world of hurt gum disease could cause later. After scraping off the tartar and plaque, the dentists polishes your pearly whites, removing surface stains, so that you can leave the office with your smile sparkling. To extend on the importance of preventing oral diseases, the extreme effects of these should be talked about. Gum disease can first of all, be very painful, but it can also lead to cancer. Sometimes oral cancer leads to removing some of the jaw and even more drastic, can spread to other parts of the body, leading to higher stages of cancer which has its obvious known effects.

So take care of your mouth, take care of yourself, please! Smiles are infectious and everyone’s best quality. Make sure that a healthy mouth lies behind that beautiful smile of yours.

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