Friends!  I invite you to join us in our upcoming trip.  I am heading to Rwanda with a couple other doctors, assistants, and other team members to help bring healthier smiles to a people group who desperately need assistance.  We are leaving for Rwanda on February 15 and will be […]

Rwanda Dental Trip

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Teaching Your Kids Healthy Routines And That Can Start At Your Favorite Parker Dentist Office 😉 We all know that habits made young in life will stick around a LONG time.  That’s why we know that parents have a huge opportunity to raise healthy children by instilling healthy habits at a young […]

Healthy Routines For Kiddos…Many Healthy Routines Start At Your Parker ...

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Parker, Colorado Dentists Making Our Communities Better One Smile At A Time. So often we talk about how important it is to get your child in for their regular cleanings, yet sometimes we ourselves forget to get our own cleanings. And believe it or not, that is something dangerous to […]

The Importance of Getting Your Regular Cleanings:  Parker Dentists Serving ...